Western Trophy & Great Grey Outfitters - Hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada

For an Unmatched
Trophy Hunting

For a trophy hunting adventure like no other

Grey Outfitters & Western Trophy Outfitters: a winning team!

Considered one of the best worldwide destinations for black bear, whitetail deer and migratory bird hunting, Saskatchewan offers a unique experience.

Our mission is to offer hunters a memorable stay and hunting experience.

GGO & WTO focuses mainly on managing the quality of the world class game. The outfitters territory is huge: a vast private hunting field of 1,200 square miles (800,000 acres) along a provincial park and the boreal forest. It is a preferred hunting spot because it borders prolific lands. We have everything you need to have fun!

Considered leaders in the management of habitats for deer hunting in Saskatchewan since 1996, we invite you to live the ultimate hunting experience!

Where in the World is Colorado Buck - 2017 - Saskatchewan Black Bears Where in the World is Colorado Buck -
2017 - Saskatchewan Black Bears

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Western Trophy Outfitters & Great Grey Outfitters, LIVE THE ADVENTURE!

The keys to our success


  • Our prime deer habitat
  • Remarkable game genetic characteristics
  • Our feeding program
  • Continuous deer monitoring
  • Predator management
  • Harvesting of adult bucks scoring under 150 Boone & Crocket points is prohibited for GGO (WTO no minimim scrore require)

These are all reasons why our Deer Management Program has successfully been producing World Class bucks for the last 20 years and that, season after season.

  • For our high success rate on trophy white-tailed deer and black bear
  • For our management program : the last 20 years at GGO on buck scoring 150 B&C or better
  • Claude Juteau, is highly experienced and gladly shares his knowledge and passion with the hunters in order to ensure them an elite hunting experience.
  • For the experience of our guides and quality of staff members
  • For our exceptional territory of 800 000 acres -park - farmland – private land
  • For the quality of our hunting equipment, the comfort of our camp, our excellent table
  • For the true opportunity to harvest a trophy whitetail deer or black bear
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