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Claude Juteau, a devoted and passionate owner!

Owner of Western Trophy and Great Grey Outfitters – Claude Juteau has more than 25 years of experience as a professional hunting guide in Canada. From Anticosti Island in the east, across the country to the Alberta prairies and on up to the Northern Territories, he has helped hundreds of hunters reach their goal of having phenomenal hunts.

Being an avid hunter himself, he knows what it means to have a chance on a trophy animal, while having the experience of a lifetime. This is why Claude holds WTO/GGO to the highest of standards, making it one of the country’s best. Through his passion and enthusiasm, people feel right at home as soon as they arrive to the lodge. Sparing no effort, Claude strives to meet all of his clients’ needs and allow guests to live an unforgettable experience.

Claude is also a family man, spending time with his daughters travelling, fishing and hunting. Known for his trademark saying ‘No, thank you!’ he makes sure to know those who he surrounds himself with are important to him.


The team

A dynamic and friendly team

WTO & GGO is known for a world-class trophy hunting experience. With 800,000 acres of land to hunt, the success isn’t just due to luck. The hard working team is out scouting, cutting and maintaining trails, building relationships, perfecting and changing hunting locations to make sure the hunt has the best odds of success. Game management and territory expansion are some of the biggest factors of a hunt – and that takes incredible dedication by the team.

Michelle Wohlberg (Camp Manager), born and raised in Saskatchewan, she has a heart bigger than a 400 pound bear. You will recognize her with her contagious smile. Michelle was one of 10 contestants on the survival show Alone Season 6, so there is no doubt about her outdoor skills. No project is ever too big for Michelle. She has guided for most big game in Canada, and being a hunter herself, spends her time in nature with her family.

Kevin Mondoux (Chief Guide)  It’s impossible to imagine the operation without Kevin pouring over land maps all season long. Never one to walk somewhere he can run, his desire to find big bucks is always on his mind. Kevin has guided for big game in the Yukon and has spent his time learning every road in our hunting concessions, so he knows exactly where to put his next bait. He spends his free time looking for massive pike to take on his fly fishing rod, maybe this year will be the year?

Jonathan Brassard (Chef), If you have hunted with us, than you have been served by Joe. He never misses a shift – early morning and late nights are no exception. He is a talented, hard-working guy who does a fantastic job handling the food aspect of your stay. In the off season Joe drives a semi across North America, making deliveries and making friends.

Barry Dowhay (Guide) has been guiding us for 14 years. Born and raised just 10 miles from camp, he knows every corner of our vast playground. Barry’s dependability is a huge asset to us, he is out there rain or shine, season after season. In the winter Barry can be found out on the ice fishing, and looking after his various grandkids.

Nicolas Ouelett (Guide)  and Claude went to hunting guide school together back in 1993. Today Nic guides for whitetail, making sure Claude’s area is looked after. His knowledge and expertise is a huge asset, whether its mechanics or cooking – Nic is an integral part of the team. Nic and his wife Cindy own T&D Amisk Camp, a beautiful fishing lodge where you will find Nic doing ‘fish research’ out on the lake.

Armando Vendittozzi (Guide) is our dedicated waterfowl guide, along with his trusty dog, Maverick. He is a real estate agent in the busy city of Montreal, coming to be a clutch player in our whitetail operation as well. You will find him out in the meat house or over by the BBQ – producing some fine fare!

Emma (House, Kitchen Support), is known for her ability to wake up early after having closed the bar down only a few hours before, with a big smile on her face. With a fastidious nature, everyone’s needs are looked after. Emma has been going back to school to study, with her little dog Boris to keep her company.


Honourable mentions:

Bob Mondoux, known as Ti-Bob best in the west. He has guided for WTO/GGO off and on for years – a valuable piece of our team whenever he comes!

Daisy Mondoux, another Mondoux to have been part of our team. Her skills in the kitchen with her fresh baking are still talked about!

Maude Larivee, her hard-working and meticulous attention to detail are second to none, she was a valuable member of our team.


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