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Quality hunting gear

We pay special attention to the quality equipment we provide during your stay at the outfitters. Each piece of equipment is maintained regularly, and our inventory is renewed each season to offer you the best hunting experience possible.

We namely provide:

  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • 4×4 trucks
  • Towers with ladders
  • Towers with a rifle support. Each one is adjusted for shots ranging from 50 to 125 yards, with optional heating.
  • Ground-level caches with optional heating
  • Digital cameras placed strategically
  • A shooting range
  • A heated building in which to change and place your hunting clothes
  • Weapons: rifles, bows, crossbows, powder rifles
  • Warm clothes if necessary
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Useful digital cameras to track down game

Our surveillance cameras are strategically placed to observe, year after year, the evolution of the game and make an inventory of our stock. Our cameras help us to be one step ahead of our animals, which will greatly facilitate your hunting trip!

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