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A vast hunting territory in Saskatchewan

Located in the heart of Saskatchewan, on a huge private land of 800,000 hectares, GGO & WTO runs along a provincial park. It is a preferred habitat, namely for (whitetail) deer and black bears, with its valleys and rivers at the edge of the boreal forest and farmlands. There is substantial and abundant game, which allows us to harvest an impressive number of trophies each year.

Very few places in the world can boast of harbouring trophy class whitetail deer like in Saskatchewan, which actually holds the world record of the largest deer harvested. This deer was shot by Milo Hanson on November 23, 1993 and had a total score of more than 213 Boone & Crockett points!

Considered one of the best big game hunting destinations in the world, Saskatchewan attracts many deer, bear and migratory bird hunting enthusiasts from around the world. They are all looking to bring back their dream trophy and are ready to take on the challenge proposed.


Our camp meets the industry’s highest standards. Cozy, it offers the perfect blend of modern and rustic with rooms that are all equipped with a private bathroom and Wi-Fi. The rooms are cleaned daily.

After a day of hunting, warm up by the fireplace and let our staff prepare you an excellent meal. What better way for hunters to share their stories, get to know one another and create friendships than with some good food.


Our meal policy is simple: we focus on quality, variety and selection.

Each breakfast offers a wide selection of foods. Then, before going hunting, hunters can select what to bring in their lunch box.

At night, get ready to live an incredible experience! Enjoy a meal on par with the finest restaurants with your friends.

Clients with food allergies must notify us when they reserve.

Live the Great Grey Outfitters & Western Trophy Outfitters adventure!

There is a reason why the outfitters is so successful. Claude Juteau surrounded himself with a team of qualified and passionate professionals. The team extends a warm welcome with its energy and knowhow, in a true friendly spirit.

Book today and live the adventure!

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Lodge life at WTO/GGO

Lodge life at WTO/GGO

Winter experience

Did you know that you can also enjoy the outfitter amenities in winter? Discover life at the lodge with its spa, sauna and pool table during winter season.

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