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Claude Juteau
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Claude Juteau, a devoted and passionate owner!

Owner of the GGO & WTO outfitters, Claude Juteau: has more than 25 years of experience as a professional hunting guide in various Canadian regions. From Anticosti Island in the east, clear across the country to the Alberta prairies and on up to the Northern Territories, he helped hundreds of hunters to reach their goal, whether it was hunting whitetail deer, black bears or migratory birds.

An avid hunter and somewhat of a perfectionist, he wants to make his outfitters one of the country’s best. This is why, through his passion and enthusiasm, people feel right at home as soon as they arrive. Sparing no effort, Claude ensures to meet all of his clients’ needs and allow hunters to live an unforgettable experience.

Once they leave the camp with their trophy, satisfied with their hunting experience, our clients always think about coming back with us in Saskatchewan. Almost 70% of our visitors come back each year!

A dynamic and friendly team

GGO & WTO outfitters is known for its world class trophy harvests. Year after year, our team members play a big part in this success.

Through their experience and knowhow, our guides are there by your side to make sure you live an unforgettable adventure. Staff members, including guides, cameramen and the head chef, are selected meticulously. They are all there because they share the same passion for hunting. Given that our clients are obviously avid hunters, our team has a lot of fun talking with them.

This is why we welcome you in a warm and cozy atmosphere during your stay.

Come live the adventure with us; you will not regret it!

Quality hunting gear

We pay special attention to the quality equipment we provide during your stay at the outfitters. Each piece of equipment is maintained regularly, and our inventory is renewed each season to offer you the best hunting experience possible.

We namely provide:

  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • 4×4 trucks
  • Towers with ladders
  • Towers with a rifle support. Each one is adjusted for shots ranging from 50 to 125 yards, with optional heating.
  • Ground-level caches with optional heating
  • Digital cameras placed strategically
  • A shooting range
  • A heated building in which to change and place your hunting clothes
  • Weapons: rifles, bows, crossbows, powder rifles
  • Warm clothes if necessary

Useful digital cameras to track down game

Our surveillance cameras are strategically placed to observe, year after year, the evolution of the game and make an inventory of our stock. Our cameras help us to be one step ahead of our animals, which will greatly facilitate your hunting trip!

Planned events 

GGO & WTO are members of the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association (SPCO), which has been supervising Saskatchewan hunting and fishing outfitters since 1967. Its mandate is to foster and promote quality services and act as liaison with the various sectors influencing the hunting and fishing industry.

According to our availabilities, we will attend various shows and exhibitions, including DSC in Dallas and SCI in Vegas.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and to visit our website to stay informed on all the events we will be attending!

See what our clients say about us

See what our clients are writing about us


Dear Claude, I did not get a chance to see you on my way out Saturday, so I want to take a minute to give you some feedback on our trip.  Absolutely every detail was perfect.  From pre-trip arrangements and communication with you, to getting picked up from the hotel was very low stress.  Your guides, staff, and you most of all were supremely professional.  The quality of the food and lodge, not to mention your fantastic staff, far exceeded my expectations.  You are as proficient at the hospitality business as you are at the hunting business.  It is also great to see you, as the leader of your team, work with such energy and drive.  I saw that you were involved in every part of the operation with no task below you. I imagine that is rare for an outfit the size of yours. I have to compliment Gilles as well.  That guy is great.  Really impressive.  He worked his tail off all week for my dad and myself.  He just took care of us and everything else while we were out.  His hunting experience shows too.  Very knowledgeable at this stuff and this clearly is not his first rodeo.  Not only that, I tracked that deer with him on Saturday morning back into the woods and what an athlete he is at 55. He’s an animal!  I am sure guiding strangers is trying, but he never showed a hint of impatience.  That meant a lot to us.  If he is available when we come back, I hope we can pair up with him again. As for the hunt itself, no disappointment.  Your operating costs must be huge, not to mention all the work placing those stands, baiting daily, checking game cams, and scouting.  I felt that you do all that is possible to maximize our odds for a big, mature, fair-chase whitetail.  It paid off too and I am absolutely thrilled with my trophy.  I cannot wait to get it mounted and in my home.

Again I wanted to express my appreciation for what you do up there.  The trip was worth every penny.  You helped me make some lifetime memories with my Dad that I will never forget.  Thank you!!


Matt Cozart!

It is with great pleasure that we will send you, upon request, references from various Canadian, American and European hunters who have experienced the white-tailed deer or black bear hunt at our outfitter or any other big game hunt elsewhere. Many of them have booked with us more than once and will gladly share with you the reasons why they chose to.

Contact us for references

We are members of the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association. The SOA has been in existence since 1967 and its members consist of hunting and fishing outfitters from Saskatchewan. The purpose of the Association is to encourage and promote a standard of service and establish connections with various sectors of the industry.

Trade Shows

  • DSC in Dallas
  • SCI Vegas

Stay tuned! We attend several shows every year. We will keep you posted on our Facebook page and this website.



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