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The best migratory bird
hunting destination

Love birds? At GGO & WTO, you can hunt world class migratory birds in a premium habitat. Whether you prefer Canadian geese, geese or waterfowl hunting, you are sure to find something to satisfy your hunter’s instinct on our lands!

The outfitters, located in north-central Saskatchewan, spans over more than 800 000 acres in the 50 zone. There is a reason why GGO & WTO is considered one of the best destinations for migratory bird hunting in Saskatchewan. The migration corridor in our sector allows us to offer you an incredible amount and variety of game.

You can hunt:

  • Snow geese, Canadian geese and ducks in the morning
  • Ducks in the afternoon (unless limited)

information, inclusions

To get more info about the price of our hunting packages, what’s included and what’s not, consult the brochure below.

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Space for migratory bird hunting is limited!

We recommend booking as soon as possible.



Courtyard Marriott – 1 888 236-2427
Sandman Hotel – 1 800 726-3626
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Hunting calendar

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  • 4-9 september


  • 9-14 september


  • 14-19 September


  • 19-24 septembre


  • 24-29 Septembre

  • September 3 to September 8

  • September 8 to September 13

  • September 13 to September 18

  • September 18 to September 23

  • September 23 to September 28

  • September 28 to October 2

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Your stay at GGO & WTO

Our team provides transportation from Saskatoon to our camp. A company vehicle picks you up at the hotel or airport in the morning to let the adventure begin!


Your itinerary:

  • Arrival in Saskatoon – Book your hotel room for the night or Pick up at the airport before 11AM
  • Departure towards camp at 11:00 AM., onboard the Great Grey shuttle
  • Migratory bird hunting the next day, for 4 days or more, depending on the package selected

Your package includes:

  • Transportation from the airport or hotel (Saskatoon, SK) to the outfitters
  • A guide
  • Accommodations (private bathroom in each room) and food
  • 3 or 4 days of migratory bird hunting (the last day ends at 11 a.m.)

The 3-day package includes:

  • 3 mornings of Canadian geese hunting
  • 2 afternoons of duck hunting

The 4-day package includes:

  • 4 mornings of Canadian geese hunting
  • 4 afternoons of duck hunting, Fishing Optional, Bear Optional

Your package does NOT include:

  • The plane ticket to Saskatoon, SK
  • The hunting permit
  • Taxes
  • The ammunition (available at the camp)
  • The hotel upon arrival and or departure
  • The tip
  • Birds cleaning (available for 5$ all wrapped and clean)
  • Shotgun (available at camp, 75$ per day)

Planned scheduled during the stay

The outfitters team and hunters will be invited to breakfast early in the morning, at 4 a.m. We will then leave for the fields to set up.

Hunting in the morning is an incredible experience! The Canadian geese, snow geese and ducks take over the sky. We use calling devices and all the necessary equipment to make sure your hunt is successful.

We return back to camp around 10 a.m. to rest and have lunch, before leaving again to hunt ducks in the afternoon. All hunters will get to enjoy a delicious group dinner, which is the perfect time to share the day’s feats!


Preparation of the birds, 5$ per birds with wrapping. We still invite hunters to participate in this activity to live the full experience.

Note that you must keep proof of gender and the type of bird hunted for your return home. A full wing must remain on the bird carcass.

Also, note that in the United States, the Act governing the hunting of migratory birds stipulates that it is illegal to import a migratory bird belonging to another person in the country.


  • Ducks: 8 per day, 24 in possession
  • Geese: 20 per day, 60 in possession
  • Canadian geese: 8 per day, 24 in possession
  • Sandhill crane: 5 per day, 15 in possession
  • Northern pintail: 4 per day, included in the daily duck limit, 12 in possession
  • Greater white-fronted goose: 5 per day, included in the daily Canadian geese limit, 15 in possession

If you want to hunt with your dog, please let us know in advance.




We are members of the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association. The SOA has been in existence since 1967 and its members consist of hunting and fishing outfitters from Saskatchewan. The purpose of the Association is to encourage and promote a standard of service and establish connections with various sectors of the industry.

Trade Shows

  • DSC in Dallas
  • SCI Vegas

Stay tuned! We attend several shows every year. We will keep you posted on our Facebook page and this website.


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Need a reference ?

It is with great pleasure that we will send you, upon request, references from various Canadian, American and European hunters who have experienced the white-tailed deer, black bear hunt or migratoty birds hunt at our outfitter or any other big game hunt elsewhere. Many of them have booked with us more than once and will gladly share with you the reasons why they chose to.

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