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Whitetail Deer 2017 hunt season is over….

With the first days of December comes the end of another successful Whitetail Deer hunting season in beautiful Northern Saskatchewan. The 2017 Whitetail Deer hunting season saw many successful trophy hunts for our guests. Several of our hunters were presented with the opportunity to tag out with a buck, all of them over 150 B&C.  We understand the discipline, and patience it takes to obtain such. It means passing on younger bucks that would also be well-received victories, for a chance that is not a guarantee.  As with many things in life, you must decide if such a pleasant reward is worth the wait. We believe that it is essential to remain patient with our hunts. That is why we are working with our hunters now, and in the future, to wait for their dream trophy to walk into the scope, all the while allowing the younger deer population to blossom into the next set of B&C trophy contenders.

The opportunity for one of these creatures doesn’t come by pure luck.  My team and I have put in 150 days between hunting and scouting in the 2017 season. And even after 25 years of countless hunts, I am still thrilled to see THE buck we were waiting for, and I know it is only a matter of time when a good buck ends the season in the woods and not at the meathouse. And so it is the success of your hunt, whatever the goal you wish tofulfill, that fuels my passion, just the same as if it were my own. With Great Grey/ Western Trophy Outfitters, I have the privilege to share these experiences with you, our appreciated and loyal guests.

Upon returning to the lodge each evening, guests contribute to a community full of like-minded individuals all in the pursuit of the same thing: their dream Whitetail. And if our nightly joyful and festive atmosphere at the lodge, in front of the fireplace, is any indication of satisfied hunters, I have the pleasant feeling that they too will be looking forward to the 2018 season among us, season that will also be open to new migratory bird hunts, as we have acquired a new license for that type of hunting. We are eager to share this new experience with you all!

So whether it has been throughout the years or the spark for a new adventure, it is with the utmost appreciation that you have selected us to help you live the adventure. So I wish to thank you for your patronage and would like to take the time to thank the lodge staff: guides, kitchen, office and supporting staff, as they are instrumental in making your stay with Great Grey/Western Trophy Outfitters as comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable as possible.

Again, sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your contribution in making Western Trophy Outfitters / Great Grey Outfitters foremost leaders in the arena of Whitetail trophy hunting. My staff and I sincerely trust that your hunting experience was a most memorable one. We therefore wish to take this occasion to express our gratitude to all our former and new fellow hunters and extend our best wishes for the coming year. May 2018 be a hunting year to remember!



Claude Juteau

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