2019 WHITETAIL DEER HUNTING SEASON IS OVER - Western Trophy Outfitters & Great Grey Outfitters


The beginning of December means the end of another Whitetail season in the beautiful Northern Saskatchewan. The 2019 season rewarded our hunters with amazing trophy harvests, fulfilling many hunters dreams.

The opportunity of harvesting a trophy deer does not come by pure luck. My team and I have put in over 150 days between hunting and scouting in the 2019 season. With Great Grey Outfitters / Western Trophy Outfitters, I have the privilege to share these experiences with you, our appreciated and loyal guests. I would like to thank each of you guys once again for your support and endorsed GGO/WTO deer management, it takes lots of discipline. Once again I am really proud of you guys!

Upon returning to the lodge each evening, guests contributing to a community full of like-minded folks all in the pursuit of the same objective: their dream whitetail deer. «Live the Adventure» is our trademark. GGO/WTO team puts everything together for an unforgettable experience in the wild and also at the lodge. Back there, we have found people making new friends, sharing great experiences, laughing, talking about hunting. We have found people making the loge their second home. People arrive at GGO/WTO as «people» and leave as «friends».

When I was a kid, My dream was hunting giant trophy whitetail deer. 25 years later, I achieved this dream many times by sharing all these experiences with you guys. When you push hard and believe in your dreams, everything is possible. I am more than fortunate to do my passion for living and work with great people. I am blessed to run one of the greatest trophy whitetail deer businesses in North America. Whether it has been throughout the years or the spark for a new adventure, it is with the utmost appreciation that you have selected us to help you live the adventure. Everything I have mentioned yet could not be possible without the support and effort of the amazing hardworking staff members that are solid day after day and week after week.. just joe that is pretty lazy 😂😎. I want to thank them for everything they have done. Jonathan, Emma, Sandrine, Kevin, Armando, Barry, Jesse, Michelle, Nick, Bob, Jordan, Drew and Gab, THANK YOU ALL! Season after season, they have been essential in making your stay at GGO/WTO as comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable as possible.

It is now time for me to spend time with those close to me. Awesome adventures are on there way for the upcoming winter. I will keep you posted on social media about our journey. Again, sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your contribution in making WTO/GGO foremost leaders in Whitetail trophy hunting. My staff and I sincerely believe that your hunting experience was a memorable one. We wish to take this occasion to express our gratitude to all our former and new fellow hunters and extend our best wishes for the coming year. May 2019 be a hunting year to remember!

Stay tuned!👊🎯

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