2016 Deer hunting - Western Trophy Outfitters & Great Grey Outfitters

2016 Deer hunting

Dear Fellow Hunters 

The current year has been one filled with outstanding turns of events. First and foremost, Western Trophy Outfitters has expanded its horizon in acquiring its former next door neighbor, Great Grey Outfitters. Given that both outfitters shared the same objective in deer management, we are pleased to offer any hunter in quest of a lifetime trophy, the possibility to fulfill their dream.

This merger has led to major camp renovations where the hunter can relax after a day’s hunt with all the comfort of home.

Long story short, the 2016 hunting season has smiled on several trophy hunters. Thankful to a personnel eager to be part of your experience, I wish to express my gratefulness to the guides, the kitchen and supporting staff for being instrumental in making your stay among us a most memorable one. I also wish to extend my appreciation to the many loyal hunters who, year after year choose to live their annual dream among us. I also salute the new hunters who have chosen us for being a partner in fulfilling their dream. If our nightly joyful and festive atmosphere at the lodge in front of the fireplace is any indication of happy hunters, I have the pleasant feeling that they too, will be looking forward to the 2017 deer season among us.

Sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your contribution in making Western Trophy Outfitters and Great Grey Outfitters foremost leaders in the arena of whitetail trophy hunting.

My staff and I sincerely trust that your hunting experience was a most memorable one. We therefore wish to take thisoccasion to express our gratitude to all our former and new fellow hunters and extend our best wishes for the coming year. May 2017 be a hunting year to remember!

Claude Juteau



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